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About Exercise IQ

You are bombarded with messages in the media every day about how important exercise is for lifelong health and that the more you do the better.

But what if the key wasn’t doing more, but being smarter about the exercise you do.

Let’s face it, no-one wants to spend all their free time trying to stay fit or to spend hours and not get results.

At Exercise IQ we specialise in designing exercise programs that work for you. Our team is comprised of Exercise Physiologists, university qualified health professionals, specifically trained to design programs that ensure how you are exercising is delivering the maximum benefit. But we don’t just employ academically qualified graduates, we hand-pick professionals who have worked with numerous conditions and have the experience to know what works and what won’t. They understand the challenges of achieving health and fitness for life.

We tailor your programs based on your current health, fitness, lifestyle, time constraints and goals. We believe that if you are going to exercise (and you need to), then you want to get the maximum return from your time and effort.

We understand that people who have a medical or health challenge are often scared to exercise in case they make things worse. We work with you and your medical team to ensure what you are doing is right for you and is safe to do. Your program will be challenging but achievable and we will be there to help you as much as you need.

We know that too many people give up because they aren’t getting the outcome they want. Our programs are designed to produce results. However we know that it takes time. In reality, changes have to happen on the inside before they show up on the outside. We coach you through the times when it doesn’t seem to be working, so you get to see the results.

Good habits take effort and an investment now for a better future. We partner with you in a long-term relationship to ensure you achieve what you set out to. Our team is committed to your success by providing advice and support, but also by holding you accountable to the commitments you make to yourself.

At Exercise IQ we can’t do the exercise for you, but we can make sure that you are doing the right exercise, at the right time, to get the results you want.


Exercise IQ - Our Mission

Our mission at Exercise IQ is to educate and inspire people to use smart exercise to maximise their health and personal capacity. Everybody has health challenges at some point in their life, our aim is to minimise the impact of those challenges so people can continue to enjoy a productive and fulfilling life for as long as possible.


Exercise IQ - Our Vision

At Exercise IQ we believe a good health system is one that has the capacity to care for people who through no fault of their own, need medical care. A health system struggling to cope with individuals with preventable, chronic conditions means people who need care can’t always get it. And sometimes those people are children.

Our vision is for Australia to have the fittest, healthiest people in the world, so our health system can treat children and adults who need medical expertise. We see a country that spends less on health care and more on things that give people joy and happiness. We see a country that needs to spend less on the health of Australians so we can help people from countries less fortunate than us.

If you can see a world like this, why not let us help you to maximise your health and minimise your chance of needing valuable health resources.


Exercise IQ - Our Values

The guiding values of Exercise IQ are –


At Exercise IQ we know that everyone is different. We are all born with a different genetic make-up and have different life experiences, some good and some not so good. We treat everybody as an individual who is doing the best they can. We don’t judge you based on your health or your choices. What we do is help you make choices that are good for your health and we teach you how to stick to the choices you make so you get the results you want.


We want every client to have the ability to choose the things they want to do and not be limited by poor health or low fitness. With improved health and fitness comes greater options, whether that be to travel, enjoy the environment or to stay at work. We believe your health and fitness should enhance your life not limit it.


We believe the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your family or future generations is great health and fitness. No-one wants to be a burden on their friends and family and the best way to avoid that is to stay fit, healthy and independent. Our mission is to give you the skills to stay fit and healthy so you can help us create a better world

We would gladly do what we do for nothing. But we don’t. We charge people what we believe our services are worth with a percentage of profits going toward helping those who can’t afford to access our expertise. Every time you pay us to help you, you are also helping someone less financially able. Thank you.


Just getting out the door some days takes courage, but the discipline of regular exercise spills over into other areas of life. At Exercise IQ we believe that your exercise should be the hardest thing you do each day. By exercising your willpower muscle, you build the courage and resilience to make a difference in the world.

Director and Principal

David Beard

DAVID BEARD ~ Exercise Physiologist / Metabolic health specialist

David is the Director and founder of Exercise IQ, which is the product of over 3 decades in the health, and fitness industries helping individuals improve their health and lives through smart lifestyle choices.

David’s undergraduate degree in Human Movement is from The University of Western Australia. He also has a Graduate Diploma of Business from Edith Cowan University. In 1983 he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to complete his Masters Degree at The University of Arizona.

David has vast experience working in the health industry. He started his career with HBF, WA’s largest health insurer, and was the first Exercise Physiologist to work in the aged care industry in WA and probably Australia. He has worked in cardiac rehabilitation, with cancer patients and has a personal interest in helping individuals with mental health challenges to manage their brain chemistry through the use of exercise and lifestyle.

David believes that our current lifestyles have resulted in the majority of the population being in poor metabolic health. Over the past few years he has been working with a West Australian health technology company, Metabolic Health Solutions, to develop the technology and protocols to help people become metabolically healthy.  He has helped a number of clients get their weight back to where they want it to be, reverse their diabetes and finally feel in control of their health.

David is a true West Australian; born in Fremantle, grew up in Bunbury and has lived in Subiaco for over 30 years.

David gets frustrated when he sees people wasting their time and effort doing the wrong exercise. His desire is for Exercise IQ to teach, show and educate people about how to use the right nutrition and exercise for them to better manage their health and as a result make WA the healthiest state in Australia.

Over his 40+ year career, David has developed strong relationships with other health professionals who he often refers clients to if he feels they may better serve an individual’s needs.  Two groups David has close ties with are –

HFRC – orthopaedic rehabilitation specialists (hfrc.com.au)

Metabolic Health Solutions – metabolic health specialists (metabolichealthsolutions.org)

These are both located at 117 Stirling Highway Nedlands but they also have the capacity to support rural and distant clients via a telehealth platform.