Shane and his strength training exercises

Shane and his strength training exercises

I’ve been making suggestions and giving you advice on how to get fitter and lose body fat for a while now, so I am pleased to be able to pass on some information from someone who gets my newsletter.

I received a short email from Shane in Mount Lawley, Western Australia. In it Shane wrote –

“I recently subscribed to your newsletter and have found it extremely useful. Since receiving these letters I have started doing more weights. I’ve lost 10kgs!

I was one of those people who tried to do all sorts of aerobic exercise but it didn’t work. The weights have done the trick though.

Thank you very much!”

Thank you Shane for sharing that with me and for giving me permission to share it with others.

The even better news for Shane is that if he has lost 10kg in weight, he has almost certainly lost more fat than that. By doing strength training he has no doubt added some muscle, so the amount of fat he has lost will be more than 10kg. What a difference that will make. Well done!!

If you have been hesitating about starting strength training or adding some weights to your exercise program, do what Shane did and give it a try. As well as helping you to lose body fat you will feel much stronger. You’ll also be setting yourself up for a better health for years to come; being strong is one of the keys to ageing well.

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