How we help


DEXA body composition – $167

Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is considered the most accurate measure of the body’s soft tissue composition (muscle mass and fat mass). By measuring your body’s muscle mass and fat mass we can determine not only your percent body fat but changes in regional body composition. Based on your body fat distribution, we can gauge your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.  The test itself is like a whole-body X-ray machine.  All you have to do is lie there and relax.  Please note the testing is done through an arrangement with the university of Western Australia at the Nedlands campus.

Bodymetrix ultrasound body composition – $87

Using the latest in portable ultrasound technology we can assess your subcutaneous body fat levels.  This is a great test for tracking your progress as you improve your body composition and reduce unwanted body fat.  The testing is quick and simple; a bit like skin folds but without the uncomfortable pinching.

Metabolic assessment –  $167

Metabolism testing involves monitoring a person’s breathing using a machine called ECAL.  This process requires a client breathing through a mouth-piece with a nose peg.

What you learn – 

  1. Your daily energy production (resting metabolism) in calories.
  2. Your energy production (metabolism) compared with normal values.
  3. Your ideal calorie intake for energy balance and weight control.
  4. Your current risk of energy diseases such as Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome.
  5. Your energy substrate use and your current rate of fat burning.
  6. Your current glucose usage and availability.
  7. Your aerobic efficiency – ability to produce energy efficiently (mitochondrial efficiency).

In order to get accurate results you must ensure that your metabolism is resting and not influenced by external factors. Therefore the following pre-test instructions need to be followed:

  • No strenuous exercise for a minimum of 12 hours prior to testing.
  • No eating or drinking (except water) for a minimum of 4 hours prior to testing.
  • No use of stimulants (nicotine or caffeine) for a minimum of 4 hours prior to testing.
  • No alcohol consumption for a minimum of 12 hours prior to testing.
  • No hot showers/baths for a minimum of 4 hours prior to testing.
  • Continue to take any prescribed medication as per normal.


 Back pain & postural assessment – $197

Most people will experience back pain at some point in their life, and for the majority it will be there result of weak or tight muscles pulling joints and bones out of alignment.  Other health professionals might put those bones and joints back into position, but if you don’t address the underlying strength and flexibility issues the body will soon be sore again.  This assessment looks at where you are sore, what joints are involved and how your muscles might need strengthening or loosening so you stay in the optimal and most comfortable posture.

Targeted Programs

At Exercsie IQ we love to work with people who are committed to maximising their health and fitness. However, we know this takes time and persistence. Going it alone is difficult. That’s why we created Targeted Programs and Partnership Packages.

Each program is designed to address your specific health challenges. We work together for an agreed period to teach you how to use exercise to manage your health and minimise the impact of your condition.

Our aim is to help you learn what works for you and to build sustainable exercise and lifestyle habits. While we focus on exercise and activity, we will help you to make sure your diet and other lifestyle choices aren’t sabotaging all your hard work.

Our Targeted Programs include –

Metabolism – fatigue, energy diabetes (see below for more details)

Sleep tight – sleep apnea, insomnia

Boost your bones – osteoporosis, ostepenia

Lighten up – obesity, overweight

Creating capacity – low fitness (but otherwise healthy)

Stretch yourself – posture, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain

Beef up – low muscle mass, low strength

Manage your mood – anxiety, depression, PND, PTSD

Staying up – falls prevention

Heartwise – cardiac rehabilitation

Metabolism Management Programs

Understanding your metabolism is key to improving your health, weight management and wellbeing.

Metabolism Kickstart program – $990

The METABOLIC KICKSTART program will help you to understand how your body uses food and enables you to begin your weight and energy management journey and improve your long-term health outcomes.

The problem with many current health management programs is they use a one size fits all approach using outdated equations even guesswork. We eliminate the guesswork by having one of our qualified staff accurately measure your metabolism, body composition and weight, using validated, research based technologies and then design a nutrition and activity program tailored just for YOU.

This program combines our validated testing program, with 3 months of personalised professional support.

Your KICKSTART program will incorporate the following aspects required to achieve your health and energy goals:

  • Metabolic testing
  • Personalised dietary advice
  • Personalised exercise prescription
  • One on one coaching
  • Education and resources
  • Comprehensive pathology if required (additional cost)


The KICKSTART program is targeted at those looking to lose weight, gain energy and improve health and have strong motivation and support to continue on their own.

However, many clients benefit from the additional long-term support we can provide, particularly those who are inclined to regain weight on other programs. Losing and regaining weight is unhealthy and can lead to long-term metabolic problems. If you would like help with long-term life-changing weight loss please ask about our Management Programs.

Your investment – $990 (plus pathology if required)

Metabolism Management program – $1650

This program works because we help you to understand your metabolism and work with you to achieve real weight loss results. Keeping the weight off is however the biggest challenge for most people, and this is where we have unique advantages that will ensure your weight loss remains permanent. Our technology, effective protocols and behaviour change programs, will provide you with the support and motivation to incorporate positive lifestyle changes as a part of your daily life.

The Metabolism Management program provides you with long-term support, measurement and accountability to ensure that you are keeping on track, building habits and ultimately achieve permanent results. Data suggests that any significant lifestyle change requires a minimum of 3 months to occur. Our program is 6 months to ensure your behaviours and results are sustained.

Your Metabolism Management program runs for 6 months and will incorporate the following key aspects required to achieve long term, permanent lifestyle change and results:

  • Regular metabolic testing
  • One on one coaching
  • Tailored dietary advice
  • Exercise prescription
  • Goals setting
  • Program review
  • Education and resources
  • Ongoing motivation and support
  • Comprehensive pathology if required (additional cost may apply for repeat tests)


The Metabolism Management Program is for those who have repeatedly tried to lose weight, and failed or succeeded, only to put it back on again.

It is also ideal for those with chronic diseases, particularly metabolic syndrome, diabetes, fatigue and chronic pain.

Your investment – $1750 (plus additional pathology is required)

Exercise Partnership Packages

Show me

This package includes the design of an exercise program to meet your needs and goals. You will be shown how to do the exercises and given an opportunity to ask any questions. We’ll send you your exercise program to do. If you want additional advice or to change your program, an additional cost will apply. This program is for people who just need a program to meet their specific needs.

Investment – $377

Teach me

In addition to the assessment and exercise program design, we will work with you over a 3 month period to teach you the exercises and make sure you are comfortable doing them. We’ll also adapt the program as you improve and show you how to continue to get benefit from your exercise. The aim of this package is education and to help you get through the most challenging part of any exercise program; the first few months. We’ll make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing and make sure you don’t procrastinate about starting.

Investment – $777

Train me

Some people prefer the discipline and commitment of working with a health professional on an ongoing basis, and they are prepared to pay for it. Others know that left to their own devices, they won’t get the results they want. If that’s you, we can design a six-monthly or annual package. The cost will depend on the number of supervised sessions per week you want.

Investment – is determined by the number of sessions per week you want us to work with you

Track me

Long-term commitment is essential to your future health so if you know you’re more likely to stick to your program if someone is checking up, then this might be right for you. Once you’ve completed one of the above packages you can sign up for our ‘nag me’ package. We’ll agree on a reporting process so that once a week you’ll tell us what you have or haven’t done and how it’s going. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll be in touch to see what’s happening and to get you back into your routine. Think of us as a professional conscience and advisor.  Of course we are on the end of the phone or email so  you can touch base if you have questions or need help.

Fee – $30 per month


Members of our team are experienced presenters and are willing to talk to your work group on specific health related topics.  Please contact us to discuss how we might work with your team or group.  Alternatively