Exercise at home – you don’t need much space

Exercise at home – you don’t need much space

Being able to exercise at home is convenient, time efficient and means you can incorporate it into other things you are doing around the house.

I am a big advocate of having some equipment or a space at home to do some simple strength and flexibility exercises. The biggest obstacle to regular exercise is finding the time, but if you can do a few short workouts at home finding the time is not so hard, especially if you can multi-task.

Ladies you have no excuses!

I have a small strength training area under my home office so rather than just stand up and walk around every 45 minutes (as we are told to do) I do some strength exercises such as pushups, chinups o. It might only be a few pushups or some squats but over the course of a morning it’s surprising how much I can get done. And I don’t have to find extra time.

Many people say they haven’t got any weights or equipment and while I agree that they make it more convenient, you don’t have to have big expensive machines.

(If you have got the space and the money, there are some fantastic home gyms available – contact me for more information if you are interested)

Equipment makers are getting better, at designing equipment that is space efficient. I’ve got some adjustable dumbbells that allow you to change the weights so you have effectively got a whole set in one. It means you can use them for a whole range of exercises and people of different strength can use them.

While they are not cheap ($500 – $700 depending on the size) they are very convenient, you can use them for a range of exercises and the whole family can use them.

If you are interested in getting some see Adam at Orbit Health and Fitness in Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park (for those that live in Perth) and tell them I told you about them. And no, I don’t get any commission.

Another piece of fitness equipment I use is a Theraband, which is an elastic band that you stretch to get resistance. By putting it over a beam or around a fixed object you can do lat pull-downs or seated rowing. You can also do squats, biceps curls or just about any pulling exercise.

If you haven’t got a Theraband an old bike tube will do the same job.

So next time you are using time, space or lack of equipment for not exercising, think about the options above and just get started.

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