Conditions We Combat


Combat obesity at exercise iq.

Cardiovascular diseases

Many people with heart disease are too scared to exercise or to exercise at a level that will improve their condition. Are you? At Exercise IQ we design programs that progressively and safely improve the functioning of the heart and other muscles. Not only does this reduce the risk of the disease progressing, but it may mean surgery is not needed. Even for those who need surgery, a tailored exercise program will speed recovery and offer the best chance of a full and productive life.

The right exercise improves the strength of the heart and lungs but it also enhances the efficiency of the rest of the body, thereby placing less demand on the heart.

Diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol

At Exercise IQ we know that managing diabetes and obesity is a lifetime task and what is needed is a specific program that incorporates both aerobic and strength training. With the right program, the requirement for insulin to keep blood sugar levels within normal range is reduced.  This takes the pressure off the pancreas and protects the body and brain from elevated blood sugar.

Whether you have diabetes, high cholesterol or are overweight, you will get an individual program that puts you in control of your blood sugar and body fat levels. You will learn to use exercise to assist in the self-management of your condition to minimise the impact it has on your health, life and future.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most debilitating and frustrating conditions.  It has the potential to play havoc with your work performance, relationships and general health, as well as being associated with numerous chronic health conditions. Exercise is a highly effective tool to help treat and manage sleep apnea. The challenge is that someone with sleep apnea is unlikely to feel like exercise or have the energy to do much.

At Exercise IQ we work with you to design a program that delivers maximum results in minimal time, making it effective and efficient. We also help you to develop effective sleep routines and address diet and lifestyle behaviours that may be impacting your sleep quality.


Get help with musculoskeletal issues with Exercise IQ

Muscle/joint injury or pain

Tight muscles and worn out joints can be incredibly debilitating and severely limit day-to-day activities. So much so that you can’t enjoy even the simplest of tasks like walking, gardening or playing with the grandkids.

We can’t guarantee to get rid of the pain of completely reverse the damage due to years of wear and tear, but we can work with you to minimise the impact your condition has and give you the best possible chance of living the life you want doing the things you want to do.

A specialised program with strengthen the right muscles to take pressure of joints and make moving easier and pain-free.


Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are debilitating conditions that significantly impact the quality of life of sufferers. Not only do they endure pain but the restrictions on their lifestyle often mean they have poor physical fitness and reduced work capacity. Exercise is one of the key strategies to enhance their life and manage their condition.

For those patients suffering from osteoarthritis Exercise IQ develop a program to improve fitness while not impacting the affected joints. We will also develop the strength and flexibility of the muscles to protect joints. Exercise is also a critical tool in the management of rheumatoid arthritis in it’s many forms. Exercise IQ team members have considerable experience designing programs to reduce the inflammation that causes pain and disability.

Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia (loss of muscle)

“What do you expect at your age?” is no longer an acceptable answer to many people who don’t accept that getting old means losing bone density, muscle mass and getting frail.

At Exercise IQ we know that the only way you will achieve this is to undertake a personalised exercise program that specifically addresses the changes that happen as you get older. Our programs aim to minimise the loss of muscle mass, bone tissue and protect you from falls.

Not only do your you feel fitter, stronger and healthier you will get back the confidence to fully engage in life and make the most of the years you still have.

Mental Health

Get help with mental health issues at exercise IQ

Depression & anxiety

Mental health conditions are some of the most difficult for patients and families to manage. Research shows that exercise can be as beneficial as medications or psychological therapies and offers a number of benefits including reduced risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and lessened impact of depression symptoms.

Exercise IQ work with you to develop a lifetime exercise habit that helps manage your brain chemistry so you feel good and think straight.


Rehabilitate after surgery with Exercise IQ


With any surgery, the final outcome is often dependent on the work the patient does before and after the surgery  Patients who improve their muscle strength and fitness prior to surgery are most likely to recover quickly and obtain a positive result.

Exercise IQ will work with you before surgery to ensure they are in as good a condition as possible to endure the challenges surgery brings. We will then work extensively with other allied health professionals to lift their fitness and quality of life well above pre-surgery levels.


Cancer treatment is one of the most challenging experiences a person has to endure. Some people say the treatment is worse than the disease. The side-effects of chemotherapy can be mitigated by regular exercise and in fact exercise helps the chemo attack the cancer sells. Muscle tissue loss alone is a significant side effect that can be reduced with the right exercise program.

At Exercise IQ we design personalised program to minimise the muscle loss associated with cancer treatment and help you to better manage unwanted side effects. The right program of activity and rest will give you the best possible chance of not only beating their cancer, but enjoying a reasonable quality of life while undergoing treatment.

Cosmetic surgery

After cosmetic surgery you want to look and feel different. But surgery alone can’t do it all. By seeing us before and after surgery, we can maximise the benefits of your surgery by giving you an exercise program and lifestyle advice that makes sure you not only look great but feel better.

At Exercise IQ we will design a program that minimises body fat and strengthens and tones muscles in the right places to complement the surgery you’ve had. You’ll recover quicker, feel better and get enhanced results. We will help you get maximum value from the investment you’ve made.