Train harder than you play

Train harder than you play

Years ago, when I was playing competitive basketball, I had a coach who used to make us work so hard it ran me ‘ragged’ at training. (That old expression probably tells you how long ago it was!)

He was always telling us to work harder at training than we had to in our games, and that the harder we pushed ourselves at training, the easier the games would be.

I don’t play basketball any more, but the principle applies equally to fitness for life.

While there are hundreds of health reasons to exercise and be fit, I believe one of the key benefits of being fit, is that it makes the rest of your life easier.

Let’s face it, just walking to the shops is hard work if you aren’t fit. Mowing the lawns and gardening can be too much for some people, and if you aren’t strong enough, carrying the shopping home can be almost impossible. Eventually for some people, just getting up out of a chair is a major effort.

Although this may seem extreme and a long way off, the more your fitness declines, the more difficult everyday tasks become.

At first you won’t notice. But gradually you’ll start to find tasks that used to be easy, gradually seem harder to do or you won’t be able to do them at all. Little things like moving something heavy or opening a jar.

Or you’ll notice that you get tired quicker than you used to. And muscles that you didn’t know you had are sore and you can’t remember doing anything that strenuous.

People, who let their fitness decline too much, lose risk losing their independence. Some can no longer stay in their own home because they can’t do everyday activities or they are at risk of falling. Obviously nobody wants to be forced from their home because they can’t cope.

So, next time you are struggling to get out of bed or to motivate yourself to do your exercise, just imagine how your life would change if you could no longer do the everyday things you enjoy doing.

Maintaining your fitness levels is the only way to prevent everyday activities becoming hard work. In fact, staying fit and strong not only prevents life getting harder, but it makes day-to-day tasks seem easy.

The harder you work, the easier life gets!

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